Uber is launching its food delivery service in Australia

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Lazy and/or car-less folk rejoice, UberEATS is coming to Australia. 

Uber is brining its home food delivery service to Melbourne as soon as next month. Yes, really. As early as March, you may be able to get your favourite meal delivered with the tap of a few buttons.


Funnily enough, however, UberX is still being deemed illegal in the state of Victoria. Simon Rossi, Uber’s former general manager in Melbourne, told Fairfax Media that despite this, Melbs was still the perfect fit for the product.

"Melbourne is known probably around the world as being the foodie capital of Australia, [Melburnians] enjoy eating out and cooking, and we feel people will enjoy the option of having quality meals delivered to them through Uber." 

The delivery fee charge is still being worked out, but from a driver perspective, Mr. Rossi said it would be similar to an UberX trip.

"It shouldn't matter to a driver what trip they are doing, they should be getting paid the same amount of money. We will look at other options of delivery as well, whether or not its motorbikes or people on foot."

The service will first be available in Melbs CBD and inner suburbs, and then will be rolled out to other areas with plans to eventually hit Sydney. 


This is making us hungry already.

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Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar

This is tragic.

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“It was definitely very dangerous” 

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