This is Sydney’s most haunted train station

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Would you go there at night?

It’s the small train station with one VERY big secret.

According to locals, after the last train departs and the platform empties, crying can be heard on the winds at Macquarie Fields Train Station.

According to Urban Ghosts, multiple people have reported seeing the ghost of a teenage girl wandering the platform, shrieking, crying and sitting on the tracks. 

Even more chilling, some say the young girl even stares directly into their eyes. CREEPY AF!

Macquarie Fields Train Station [Image: Wikipedia]

There are no reports of the ghost trying to hurt anyone, so she’s more of a harmless Harry Potter-style spectre.

Still, we definitely don’t plan on being at Macquarie Fields after dark!

Image: Pixabay

Written By Cassie Crofts

We’ll take 10.

Our thoughts are with her friends and family. 

Time for a spring clean.