NZ Shooting Update: Police Confirm Four People In Custody

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"Let's not presume that the danger has gone."

Multiple people have been shot dead in shootings at two New Zealand mosques in Christchurch during afternoon prayers.

New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush spoke to media and confirmed that four people are in custody, but that things are moving very quickly.

He has not confirmed if this a terrorist attack, but says “it does not get more serious than this”.

"Three [shooters] are men and one is a woman as I understand it."

When asked if anything is known about the motivation, Bush answered: "not conclusively."

"Let's not presume that the danger has gone."

Bush also confirmed a number of bombs were attached to cars:

"I can tell you that there was a number of IEDs attached to vehicles that we also stopped.

“This speaks to the seriousness of what occurred."

"We don't have the identities of people who have died yet as locations are still in lockdown.

"This is requiring every police and emergency resource available."

Bush says this is “absolutely tragic and there will be so many people affected”. 

He says the police will set up a facility so that families of the victims can get the information they need once they have been identified. 

"I want to assure the public we are doing everything we can to make sure there is no more harm to their communities."

The Guardian reports a Malaysian was among those wounded:

“So far, one Malaysian is confirmed injured and currently receiving treatment at the hospital,” the commission said on its Twitter account.

Authorities have confirmed that the school lockdown has ended however, residents are urged to stay indoors:

More to come.

Image: Getty / NIgel Killeen

Written By Christina Cavaleri