The jaw-dropping response Google exec gave when asked about his salary

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A Google executive somehow doesn't seem to know how much he earns each year.

In this week’s WTF news, Google’s European boss Matt Brittin told the British Parliament he didn’t know how much he earned. Like, legitimately had no clue. Really, dude?

He was appearing at a hearing over Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc.’s alledged tax avoidance, when the hard-hitting committee chair Meg Hiller decided to ask him how much he earned.

“It’s a salary, ah, I don’t have the figure.”


Meg wasn't buying it, and kept prodding, until finally Matt sort of, kind of admitted he did in fact know his paycheck amount, but didn't want to announce it in public.

I’ll provide the figure privately if it is relevant for the committee to understand my salary.”

If you can just share that figure with us too, that would be great, Matt. Watch the cringe-y moment below.

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
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