Christchurch hit by 5.7 magnitude earthquake this afternoon

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New Zealand was been hit by a severe earthquake on Sunday.

The New Zealand city of Christchurch was hit with a 5.7 earthquake on Sunday afternoon at around 1:13pm (Kiwi time). Buildings were evacuated, and networks were congested as loved ones tried to reach eachother. 


Local florist Lydia Clark said the quake was violent without any warning, according to

"We've got a lot of broken glass. A lot of the shops around us had to shut. There were a lot of shop alarms going off but they've stopped now. Obviously Valentine's Day is one of our busiest days but we have still had people come in afterwards."

Since the quake, aftershocks have still been hitting the city. One resident managed to capture the moment the tremors first began on film.

And someone caught the scary moment a cliff collapsed into the sea.


No death or injuries have been reported.

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar

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