BREAKING: Sydney stabbing leaves three wounded

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The incident occurred in a local gym in Brookvale

Horrible news this morning with reports that an unidentified man entered a gym in Sydney suburb Brookvale on Monday 21st March at about 8pm and allegedly stabbed three men.

Police have given a statement on the occurrence, The Sydney Morning Herald reports:

"He approached four men and a trainer and punched one of the men before producing a knife and stabbing three of the men," they said. 

“The trainer managed to escape injury."

One of the victims was in a serious condition, requiring surgery urgently, while the remaining two are said to be stable. 

The attacker fled the scene in a stolen vehicle and is still at large. Police warn he is dangerous and should not be approached.

Written By Stephanie Nuzzo


Ben McCormack's fate will be decided very soon.


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