ALDI’s latest Special Buy is the most controversial yet

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Should they be selling these...?

ALDI fans are in an uproar over the bargain supermarket’s latest product.

As part of their Special Buys range, ALDI is selling Green Action Flushable Bathroom Cleaning Wipes.

The product description says the wipes can be safely flushed away but shoppers aren’t having it. 

There’s currently a major campaign to remove the “flushable” claims made on products because they’re bad for the environment and can wreak havoc on plumbing. 


One Facebook user said: “ALDI Australia I'm so sad that you're Marketing "green flushable" wipes in this catalogue when it's widely known that flushable wipes don't break down and are very very dangerous for plumbing! Please rethink this product!!”

Another noted: “Aldi- I love you most of the time but really. Green Action (ahem) ‘Flushable’ wipes on sale next week?! When will everyone realise that these things ARE NOT FLUSHABLE!!! Please don’t help in harming the environment and our waste systems. get with the program!!”

Consumer group CHOICE spokesperson Tom Godfrey has told

“It’d be great if someone had developed a flushable wipe, and while it’s hard to pass judgment on ALDI’s product without seeing it, consumers should be really wary of flushable wipes."

“They’re a product that 
don’t need to exist, they’re bad for the environment, they’re bad for plumbing and can cost you and local councils a great deal of money.”

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Written By Cassie Crofts

Yep, you read that correctly.


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