Yes/No Game 3.0 with 5SOS is finally here!

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5SOS play the Yes/No game 3.0 fan edition backstage at Nova's Red Room

5SOS loves the Yes/No Game....we love the Yes/No Game and we know you guys LOVE LOVE LOVE the Yes/No Game. 

So when we had Luke, Michael, Ashton and Calum backstage at Nova's Red Room you know we were busting out those paddles!

Umm so Cal's pee dance might be my fave bit out of that if I aaaaabsolutely had to pick! Shall we see that one more time?

Calum Hood peeing in the shower

Please never stop doing you 5SOS! Here's to many more Yes/No Games with the boys in the years to come!

Check out the very first time we brought out those paddles!!!

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You'll think so after this EPIC announcement.