What stars looked like when they released their first album

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Taylor Swift then and now
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These days they're selling millions of albums worldwide, but back when it all began, this is what the likes of Britney, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift looked like (in case you'd forgotten!)

So, do you guys remember back to 2006 when Taylor Swift was singing country music?! "Our Song" was what it was all about, and then she started singing "Love Story" shortly after that. The rest is of course history! Now she's cut her hair shorter, bought some straightners and discovered red lippy. 

Back then, these stars probably didn't have pre-show rituals, or designated stylists. 

And, in case you'd forgotten, Miley Cyrus was a cute, innocent Disney star. She released her first Hannah Montana album in 2006. All credit to her for shaking that image and showing what she's made of.

What Miley Cyrus looked like in 2006 when her first album was released

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Before Ri-ri was a good girl gone bad, she was singing "Pon De Replay". Wow, 2005 really was a while ago.

What Rihanna looked like when her first album was released

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Mariah, Mariah. We love the natural look, and those curls. Back in 1990 she had a multiplatinum debut album, and she's still on the scene, especially at Christmas!

Mariah Carey when her first album was released versus now

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It's not long since Katy Perry was saying 'I Kissed A Girl'. 2008 to be exact! Now she's keeping us guessing with a different hair colour every week.

Katy Perry back when she released her first album

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Awww Christina. She looks so young and innocent. Before fake eyelashes were a thing, she was singing 'Genie In A Bottle'.

Christina Aguilera back when Genie In A Bottle was released

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Britney changed music FOREVER with 'Baby One More Time'...and she's still rocking it 15 years later.

Britney released Baby One More Time in 1999 - then and now

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Back when Beyoncé was in Destiny's Child, her Mum made her clothes. She still owned it...but Queen B is now an ultimate diva.

Beyonce back when she released her first album with Destiny's Child

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