Taylor Swift at ANZ stadium Sydney for 1989 Tour | Photos

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Taylor Swift just OWNED SYDNEY! 

Taylor Swift truly took over Sydney. She had the whole crowd in the palm of her hands. Every song Taylor sang was a hit from Shake it Off, to Wildest Dreams to Style the whole crowd absolutely loved it.

Every member of the crowd was given their own personal flashing light and when everyone’s flashed at the same time it was like magic.

Taylor definitely SHOWED us how it’s done. From a rock version of I Knew You Were Trouble to the sweet sounds of Wildest Dreams mashed up with her old song Enchanted she showed us just how much of a versatile artist she really is.

There were tears, laughter, smiles and lots and lots of screams. Taylor is a true star and entertainer. She sounded amazing, just as good as any of her recordings possibly even better.


Social media was awash with videos and images from the concert, check it out!

Written By rachsmith