Guy Sebastian singing his new tune 'Mind On You' will make you wanna get up and dance

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We got our mind set on... listening to this on repeat 

Nearly five months after the release of his lead single 'Set in Stone' from new album Part 1 – EP, Guy Sebastian is back on our music radar with some new stuff – a head-bopping track called 'Mind On You'.

The single, released last month and what Guy calls a "future EDM tune", is all about the feeling you get the day after meeting a girl or guy you just can't stop thinking about.

"This song, I guess it’s just a kind of soulful song about last night. You know when you meet somebody and you have a great time or you’re just with somebody you know and you’re just having an amazing night and then it just lingers.

"That’s that feeling - you just can’t get it out of your mind and it’s the next day and you’re still reminiscing about that time. It’s a feel good song."

Accompanied by backup vocals, a guitar, and a keyboard, Guy performed the song in Nova's Red Room this month. Seated on our red velvet couch and dressed in a signature laid-back outfit, he sang, and danced, his way through the catchy song. 

Watch it all here: 

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar

Beyhive assemble!

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