Diplo "Taylor Swift has the personality of a piece of cardboard"

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It was pretty cool hanging out backstage at Stereosonic thanks to The Smirnoff Sound Collective, and when Diplo came to chill with us we were pretty stoked!

You might remember a few headlines about a few tweets ol' Diplo sent out pertaining to T-Swizzle's booty, or apparent lack-thereof and the ferocious defence from her bestie Lorde....

Well backstage at Stereosonic while chatting to Smallzy, Diplo sets the story straight, confessing "I'm a Swiftie now"......although something tells us he's not buying tickets to the '1989' tour anytime soon! 

Taylor Swift's derriere was not the only topic covered though, Diplo revealed he was fired from his first DJ gig, his top tip for festival goers, what it's like to DJ in Vegas and how much he loves to party with Tiesto and plenty more!

Written By rachsmith