Adam Lambert gave us what we wanted at his Sydney show

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Get it? Nope? Adam Lambert sings Whatdya Want From Me, der.

With six years experience entertaining large-scale crowds, it would be fair to assume Adam Lambert knows his stuff. Needless to say, the expectations were high for the singer’s two Sydney shows – the last ones on the Australian leg of his international tour - this past weekend. But ast-paced, high-energy concerts managed to tick all the required boxes we'd imagined.

With his signature charm and boundless energy, Adam performed every hit on his list, even adding a tear-jerking cover of Let’s Dance by David Bowie to the line-up. The venue, the iconic Enmore Theatre, was filled to the brim with the crowd in the standing-only area spilling out into the carpeted corridors. Drinks and ticket stubs in hand, eager concert-goers waited for Adam to take the stage. When the room's lights dimmed and the spotlights turned on, it was clear the man of the hour was about to take the stage.


But it was only after performing a few songs, including his current high Ghost Town, did Adam first speak to the crowd. Some very loyal fans, who had known Adam turned 34 the previous day began a rendition of Happy Birthday during a brief break in between songs, and the whole Theatre had joined in.

"Guys, it was yesterday," Adam joked into the microphone.


Between the show's lights and graphics, the two back-up dancers slash singers, and Adam himself, despite the crowded venue, the audience lost themselves in the show, and experienced a night they wouldn't soon forget.

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Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar