5SOS reminisce about before they were famous, will get you right in the feels

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Fetus 5SOS at Nova FM with Smallzy in 2012

Remember little fetus 5 Seconds of Summer who had floppy fringes and were only teetering on the edge of their imminent puberty? You do...we do...and they certainly do!

Well last week the 5SOS boys took to the stage for their first ever Nova's Red Room performance (ahem...what took so long!) and backstage Smallzy caught up with the boys and they reminisced about how far they'd come, how tall they'd grown and those delightful covers performed in the Nova studios in 2012...

Excuse us while we melt a little reminiscing about those fond memories! Want to take a trip down memory lane? We made a playlist of all the 2012 (and some 2013) performances and interviews!

Written By rachsmith
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