5SOS are tweeting map coordinates and fans are losing their minds!

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5SOS tweeted map coordinates and fans are freaking out!

Our boys have been busy little beavers lately, with their new album Sounds Good Feels Good due soon and an exclusive Nova's Red Room performance in the very near future it's amazing to think 5SOS could have anything else up their sleeves...

Yet Twitter has been sent in to a minor meltdown with a couple of cryptic tweets pointing fans in the direction of map coordinates!

If you're quick enough to crack the code, the two locations the boys have directed us to so far are The Annandale Hotel in Sydney and an address in Dublin, Ireland.

But the question on everyone's lip.....why...WHYYYYYYYY???

It seems there are a few parts to this mystery, solve the coordinates puzzle, download the app Blippar go to the location and Blip (?) a poster you may find at that location...

Once 'Blipped' the poster will reveal something....

But, unseen in 5SOS fandom history despite rife speculation on Twitter, is that the fans have not in fact moved heaven and earth to head to the location to piece together the final part of the puzzle. At least not that our well(ish) executed Google search could reveal and the Tweets remain shrouded in mystery.

Interestingly, the Annandale Hotel is the first venue our Sydney suburbia boys played their very first ever gig as little FetusSos back in 2011 and speculation is rife around what could be happening at that location when the band touches base back on home turf next week.

Will it reveal a secret meet and greet with the band...maybe a secret gig, or perhaps after Blipping..blippering (?) you'll get access to exclusive content...for the love of god fandom Blip it, blip it I beg of you!

You don't need to Blip to get in front of your fave Aussie pop-punk four piece...you CAN simply enter to see them exclusively in Nova's Red Room thanks to Oporto



Could this next Nova visit mean round 3 of the Yes/No game?? It revealed so much about 5 Seconds of Summer last time around! Check it out below...

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