Disney set to remake our FAVOURITE movie of all time, The Lion King

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It’s the circleeee, the circle of life… 

Call your mum! Tell your friends - because one of the most memorable movies of our childhood is FINALLY being remade. 

The Lion King slipped into our lives 22 years ago, and since then, we’ve probably watched it a million times over.

lion king

Who could ever get sick of the adventures of Simba, Timon and Pumbaa?!? Definitely not us…

Well, now we’ll have a brand new live-action version to watch - and forgive us for saying this, but we just hope it’s as good as the original.


We’ve got faith though - it will be made under the capable hands of The Walt Disney Company and Jon Favreau (Favreau directed The Jungle Book which earned a whopping $965.8 million after its debut in April). 

While we’re not sure of too many details at this stage, we’re told it’s on the “fast track to production.”

Let’s hope fast means fast, amiright?!?


Luckily we’ve got Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson hitting theatres in March 2017 to keep up going…

Stay tuned for more Lion King updates along the way! 

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Written By Alexis Sherman
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Do you think this could work?


We cannot wait!


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