Aussies are losing their minds over this ‘fancy’ Vegemite on toast dish

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Today in Australia, locals are livid over the fact that a cafe in Newcastle, Core Espresso, has decided to serve Vegemite on toast in a completely illogical way and then charge patrons $7 for it. 

As has highlighted, a photo of the fancy Vegemite dish made its way onto Instagram (obviously, because if you didn’t post it, did it even happen?) and after @BrownCardigan caught a hold of the snap it went completely viral. 

The picture shows two pieces of plain toast set on a wooden board. The Vegemite has been spread directly onto the board next to a serve of butter which has been topped with a garnish… 

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Now, any self-respecting Aussie will understand that there is a very small window of time in which you need to butter your toast to ensure it’ll melt nicely. By messing around with all this fanciness, the process is basically stuffed. 

Vegemite is serious business here and Insta audiences were not about to take this lying down. 

As their, um, colourful caption, Brown Cardigan wrote:

“Alright, which one of you f**kwit cafes did this? #nahc**t #imfurious #noway #notmyvegemite #dogact”

And fans didn’t hesitate to voice their own thoughts, either:

“Hipster f**king douches,” wrote one. 

“UnAustralian,” said another.

“F**ken butter wouldn’t even melt c**ts,” shared a third.

There are over 2,000 comments on the photo of the brekkie dish, a couple of which were from the cafe itself. 

“Guilty as charged,” Core Espresso admitted.

“You should see what we can do with strawberry jam!”

The dish has seen so much attention that spoke with the cafe's manager, who actually explained to the Australian public why they served the classic dish that way:

“If someone orders toast and they want Vegemite, we want to make sure it is presentable and that there is enough Vegemite on there. We don’t skimp on Vegemite,” she said.

And while the team saw the fun in the viral post, they have said they’d be happy to serve customers Vegemite toast whichever way they like:

“We all got a good laugh out of it. We’re in the business of making people smile and serving good coffee and we thought the comments were hilarious,” she said.

“If the consensus is that butter needs to be on the toast as soon as it hits the table, we’re happy to change the dish,” she said. “We’re all about pleasing our customers so we are happy to make adjustments.”

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Written By Stephanie Nuzzo