The acne-fighting product Hollywood swears by

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Who knew silk pillows were the way to great skin? 

What if we told you there's a way to get skin like Jessica Alba's and Kendall Jenner's, and the only thing you'd need to do was... fall asleep? 

Well, we just discovered that can actually be the case. Aside from the fact that Jessica and Kendall have access to the best beauty products and expert technicians in the world, there's one nighttime addition to their routine they both swear by – silk pillowcases. 


When asked if she sleeps on cotton, linen or silk sheets last year, Kendall told Health magazine: 

"Cotton sheets but silk pillowcases, which are better and kinder to your face and skin."

Jessica's also been vocal about her appreciation for them, saying they're her favourite travel item. 

So what are the actual benefits for sleeping on a silk pillow? On closer inspection (read: Googling), we discovered the list is endless. The pillowcases have long been recommended by dermatologists as they are gentler on the skin, keep it more hydrated, and prevent breakouts by keeping your skin cooler. As a bonus, they can extend your blowout and reduce usual bedhead frizz.

While there's a few silk pillowcases on the Aussie market, our pick is a Gisele Bundchen and Kim Kardashian-approved brand, Shhh Silk Pillowcases, which – get this – can slow down the ageing process. The pillows are made with natural amino acids that are absorbed through your skin. While the cases are on the pricier end – $79 for a single pillowcase – the line offers more affordable silk eye masks too. 

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar

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