Green Day reportedly ignore acrobat death at festival

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Acrobat falls to his death at Madrid’s Mad Cool Festival before Green Day performed on stage

It is the saddest thing you could think to happen at a concert.

British-based acrobat, Spaniard Pedro Aunion Monroy was doing his extraordinary thing in the air before plunging to his death in front of 35,000 people.

It happened just before headlining act for Spain’s Mad Cool Festival, Green Day went on stage.

The talented acrobat was suspended in a cage 33 metres above ground before falling from the sky.

Festival goers were horrified as the watched the Pedro fall.


The footage is going viral on the internet. 

Warning, the video is confronting. 

Some festival attendees were gobsmacked at the fact that Green Day failed to mention anything before performing or that they even performed at all.

Lead singer, Billie Joe Armstrong, is obviously devastated at the news and posted an Instagram with a statement for the band.

“Green Day did not hear about the accident until after our show was over. 

“We didn't even know there was an acrobat performance at all. 

“These festivals are huge. 

“There are so many things happening at the same time it's impossible to keep up with every performer/artist…”

Last night at the Mad Cool festival in Spain there was a horrific accident. An acrobat by the name of Pedro was killed during his performance before Green Day played our show. We are so sad for Pedro and his family and we pray for them in this time of grief. I can't imagine how much suffering the friends and family are going through. Many of you are wondering why we continued to play our show after the accident. Green Day did not hear about the accident until after our show was over. We didn't even know there was an acrobat performance at all. these festivals are huge. There are so many things happening at the same time it's impossible to keep up with every performer/artist.. We were in a back stage compound about a half mile away from the main festival stage. We were warming up ready to go at 11:25 pm. 15 minutes prior our tour management was told by local authorities to wait to go on stage because there was some sort of security issue. Security issues are a normal occurrence and procedure at any show.. we were NOT told why which is also normal. we waited as we were instructed. Still, We had no clue there was any such accident. We were given the ok. The band jumped into vans and drove to the main festival stage. This was to be the last show of our European tour and we were all so excited to play our hearts out one last time. We were on stage at around midnight and played around two and a half hours. Everything seemed normal. the crowd and fans had a good time. We got off stage and drove back to our artist compound. It was there when we were told the shocking news about Pedro. All of us were in disbelief. I don't know why the authorities chose not to tell us about the accident before our concert. All we know is what was said after our concert. This has never happened in the 30 years Green Day have been performing live. If we had known prior to our performance we most likely would not have played at all. We are not heartless people. The safety and well being at any of our concerts absolutely comes first. What happened to Pedro is unthinkable. Once again we are heartbroken for his friends and family.

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He ended the statement with another Instagram with the caption:

“We are also shocked and heartbroken for anyone that had to witness this tragedy.

"Sincerely, Billie Joe Armstrong.”

The statement was also published on their website.

Some fans were more understanding knowing that the ‘American Idiot’ band were completely unaware of the accident.

One user wrote:

“I cannot believe that people were slamming you for still playing, saying that you "must have known" and still carried on.

"It is so painfully obvious that if you guys knew about this tragedy then you would not have played.

"I am upset that your tour has ended on such a sad note especially after seeing you in Sheffield. "You guys rule.

"Keep strong.

"RIP Pedro.”

Our thoughts go out to Pedro's family and friends.

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Written By Christina Cavaleri

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