Interview: Richard Dean Anderson AKA MacGyver

Richard Dean Anderson, aka Angus MacGyver, is in town for Oz Comicon and its fair to say we were a little bit excited to talk to him. Turns out Nathan knew more about MacGyver, Stargate and The Simpsons than Richard himself.


He’s been MacGyver to one generation, and Lt. Gen. Jack O’Neill to another, and now Nathan, Nat and Shaun want to get Richard Dean Anderson to star on Family Guy.

]Nathan, Nat and Shaun spoke to Richard ahead of his appearance at Oz Comic-Con at the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre.

Richard recalled his appearance on The Simpsons, telling the guys, “I swear, my life was made complete when Dan Castellaneta asked me to be a part of an episode, and I just swooned and did it.”

Richard is a big fan of Family Guy creator Sean MacFarlane’s work, “I think he’s a genius. I’m so impressed with his talent. His endless talent”

So, on Richard’s behalf, and with his personal endorsement, Nathan, Nat and Shaun have started a Twitter campaign to get him on Family Guy with the hashtag: #getRDAonfamilyguy


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