50-year-old farmer becomes online sensation

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This is Jennifer King. She’s 50-years-old, but you wouldn’t pick it. Here’s how she became Internet famous

You wouldn’t believe Jennifer King was 50.

The stunning farm girl is becoming an online YouTube sensation, thanks to her rock hard abs.

“Farm girl Jen” has over 155K subscribers on YouTube, and rakes in roughly $100,000 a year from her videos.

So how does she stay so ripped at 50?

She attributes it all to her tyre flipping and sledge hammer swings.

“Fifty has been great so far. Got my mid-life crisis six speed manual transmission muscle car that I always wanted.

“Not digging the wrinkles but being older and wiser and having some success sits pretty well with me.

“I am stronger and leaner than ever and I am sure that it is mostly due to a heavy weight lifting program.

“Getting old and dying are natural stages of life but I like to think that I am doing it on my terms for as long as possible and with as much grace and dignity as I can muster.”

She says she stays healthy by raking in 10K steps her day and alternating between “crossfire” and strength training.

“I do a lot of tempo work with weights and some outside work like sled push and pull, sledgehammer swings and tire flipping with pull ups, push-ups and sit-ups as daily activities."

“Sometimes when I can't make it to the gym I'll just do a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout with kettlebells and bodyweight moves.

“As for diet, I like a variety of fish meats and vegetables. I avoid processed foods, especially those containing refined sugars.”

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She added about her sudden fame: 

“I never imagined I would become a social media star at this age.

“I am an outgoing person in general but consider myself shy in front of large crowds so I am a bit out of my comfort zone sometimes with being the entertainer.”

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Written By Emily Whitham

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