Sydney’s latest food craze: bugs

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Sydney food craze bugs

It's freaking us out.

If we found a bug in our food, we’d be sending it back.

But insects are a delicacy in many parts of the world and the Australian Museum is bringing the trend to Sydney.

As part of the Museum’s Culture Up Late program, bug chef Nick Jarvis is serving up crickets, ants, cockroaches and mealworms.

It might seem like some annoying hipster trend, but there are very good reasons we could soon be adding bugs to the average Aussie diet. Aaaaaaaand now we'll be having insect-related nightmares.

Sydney bugs food

While there’s definitely an ick factor, experts say our insect prejudice can be broken down over time. And hey, there was a time when many people would have been repulsed by raw fish, and now we can’t get enough of sushi.

The critters take up way less room and resources than other meat sources like cattle.

With around 60 per cent protein, bugs are proving popular with athletes and gym rats looking for natural protein sources. Gram for gram, they beat out chicken and beef as the best sources of nutrients and protein.

Bonus: they’re gluten-free and paleo friendly.

So this eating bugs idea has legs …sorry.

Image: vovashevchuk/Getty Images
Written By Cassie Crofts
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