Here’s where to get UNLIMITED sangria in Sydney

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You can even choose between red, white and rosé.

There’s lots to love about Firefly but, if we have to pick one, it’d be the unlimited sangria long lunch.

You can choose between bottomless red, white or rosé sangria. And these aren’t just any old sangrias.

The Neutral Bay bar white sangria is a refreshing blend of white wine, Stoli vodka, lemon and elderflower and the rosé sangria is a potent mix of white rum, rose’ syrup and lemon juice. Salerno blood orange and lime lift the flavours of an otherwise classic red sangria. 

As well as bottomless sangria, your $59 gets you a shared banquet including zucchini fries, wild mushroom arancini, haloumi & watermelon, crispy drunken chicken pancakes and pan-seared lamb gnocchi.

The unlimited sangria long lunch is available from 12 to 4pm. Book here.

Image: Getty/Nate Vkusidey

Written By Cassie Crofts

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