Wippa and Lisa announce the gender of their baby

Congratulations to Wippa and Lisa, who revealed on the show today that they are expecting a baby boy!

Lisa and Wippa announced last year that they are adding to their family. 

The couple celebrated the gender news by serving up a blue cake to let baby Ted know he is going have a little brother. The news comes a little less than a year after Theodore George Jack Wipfli joined the family in February 2015. 

Lisa is due to give birth in June 2016.

If the new bub is anything like big brother super Ted, then that is going to be one cuuuuuute family! 

ted wipfli

WATCH | The moment Wippa revealed the gender to Fitzy live on-air.

WATCH | The moment Wippa announced that his family was expanding.


It's not the first time Wippa has revealed baby news on the show, watch when he surprised Fitzy about Lisa's first pregnancy on air...

Congrats guys!!



Written By Megan Aney