Tracey from MAFS reveals her new relationship

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We're dying to know who it is.

After breaking Dean’s heart on Sunday night’s episode, Tracey has become one of our favourite people.

So how’s she coped in the months since the show finished filming?

Chatting to Fitzy & Wippa this morning, the Married At First Sight bride revealed she’s already found someone knew, but is playing coy about their identity. 

“I can’t say but you’ll find out soon.”

Pressed as to when we’d get the goss, Tracey confirmed we’d know by the end of the show.

That means it HAS to be a contestant, right? Would explain those photos of her and fellow contestant Sean on a romantic-looking trip in Bali.

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Speaking about her mystery lover, the Perth mum joked, “it’s me and Davina together.” 

And now we’ve heard that, we desperately want it to be true.

So what about her former hubby? Has Dean found his special someone?

“He might have found a few people, who knows?” 

We’re betting you’re spot on Trace!


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