Fitzy & Wippa turn down buckets of cash on Shark Tank

shark tank fitzy and wippa

Fitzy & Wippa had the incredible opportunity to ask the sharks from Shark Tank for an investment but things didn't go exactly to plan.

On Thursday's episode of Shark Tank Fitzy & Wippa pitched their invention the MUP, a mint in the bottom of a coffee cup to combat bad breath nationwide.

All four of the shark were incredibly impressed throwing unbelievable offers at the boys but when push came to shove Fitzy & Wippa were reluctant to give up any share of their company. 

"We're going to knock all of your offers back and just wait for a phone call from Facebook or Google." 

Watch the full episode on TENplay here. 

Tune in tomorrow to FItzy & Wippa to find out what happens to the MUP now.

Written By Megan Aney