Russell Crowe just called Fitzy & Wippa and invited them to a Rabbitohs' game

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Once upon a time Hollywood heavyweight Russell Crowe invited Fitzy & Wippa to a Rabbitohs football game. After months of waiting by the phone the follow-up call never came.

The boys tried every which way to get in contact with Rusty they called Sammy Burgess, messaged John Sutton and stood outside of Greg Inglis' house to no avail.

As a last ditch attempt the boys wrote a song to the tune of Lukas Graham's hit song "7 Years" to encourage Rusty to deliver on his promise. Listen: 

And then... during the song... Fitzy & Wippa received a tweet....

Russell Crowe just dropped the kids to school and had Nova on in the car. He called the Nova competition line 13 24 10 to clarify (live on air) Fitzy & Wippa had been invited before but it was the day Lisa gave birth to Ted. With no babies being born this weekend the boys have locked in a beer with Russell Crowe at the Rabbitohs game. 

Listen to the full chat with Rusty:


Tune in Monday for a full rundown on the footy date.

Written By Megan Aney

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