Red Bull Flugtag is here!

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And Fitzy & Wippa are competing with a craft shaped like a Bin Chook

We’re less than a month out from the event of the year: Red Bull Flugtag 2018 in Sydney.

Flugtag (pronounced FLOOG-TOG), means “flying day” in German, and is exactly what the event is about.

The challenge is simple:

Teams who have entered must design, build and pilot their own flying machine off a 6 metre high flight deck and soar as far as possible.

Some will fly (briefly) and some will flop, but all will try their luck to ultimately be crowned the hero of the sky.

Each team is made up of four people with equally as important roles – a designer/builder, a performer to choreograph the team dance (which will be performed on the platform for all to see), someone in charge of choosing the music and, of course, a showman to fly the craft.

Teams will be judged on three key criteria – creativity, performance and distance – so prepare to witness some pretty weird and wonderful spectacles.

30+ teams will compete on November 10 at the iconic Mrs Macquarie’s Chair in the city, including Fitzy & Wippa’s very own Tommy. AKA ‘The Bin Chook’.

Yep, the Fitzy & Wippa team will be flying a craft that looks like a giant bin chook. 

The event is free event to attend so everyone can come along and cheer on the Bin Chook, no excuses. 

Images: Mark Watson/Red Bull Content Pool.

Written By Krisinda Merhi

This is going to get messy!

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