The Gogglebox girls reveal how much they earn per episode

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Angie and Yvie from Gogglebox told Fitzy & Wippa they aren't paid for Gogglebox but this morning their onscreen neighbours Anastasia and Faye cleared up the rumour. 

It turns out the Gogglebox stars that Australia has fallen in love with for their unfiltered comments on our TV shows are in fact getting paid for their time.

When Fitzy & Wippa spoke to Angie and Yvie last year they disclosed they only received 'chocolates and lollies' for their time but maybe things have changed now they have become household names. 

Anastasia said they can watch up to six hours of TV at a time with a camera crew in their house filming their reactions and she wouldn't be giving up that time for free. 

"I'm not watching TV for free. Of course we get paid."

She wouldn't disclose how much she gets paid but confirms she is doing ok.Listen to the whole chat below.

Gogglebox airs Thursday nights on Channel 10 and Wednesday nights on Lifestyle Channel.

Header: Twitter/Anastasia and Faye
Written By Megan Aney

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