Fitzy & Wippa's 'Blacktown' Parody

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Fitzy and Wippa Blacktown parody

When Fitzy & Wippa heard that the council of Blacktown wanted to change the town's name they were devastated. 

To celebrate their love for Blacktown and the suburb's iconic name they wrote a parody song about the area to the tune of Macklemore's "Downtown". 

Check it out.


Politicians say that Blacktowns lost their patience

Have a referendum and the locals can name it

And we’re like “Honestly we don't need a name adoption

And they say, hows this for a brighter option?

Ooh, Western Sydney

But what about the rest of Western Sydney?

It's a fresher name and people will come

Go back to Canberra and stick your name up ya bum

We want it Blacktown, Hanging at the trainy

Sunnyholt Road in your shitbox doin Mainies

Westpoint, just meeting their daily

And the AMF Bowling boys striking with the ladies

Dope, Blacktown is ill, theres so much history, you need to chill

Weve got Big Chief Burgers, beers at the Workers

And the number 1 TAFE,  learn a bit further

Old chaps, expats, theres a heap of neck tats

More varieties than a party mix lolly pack

Sky line Drive In just to catch a movie

Got 4 mates in the boot, you beauty

Government nerds sharpening their pencils

We’re at Blacktown Leisure Centre playing mixed netball

Got my BMX down the old quarry

Lets focus on bunny hops and not the name worry

We’re Blacktown, you want a mouthful

Justify your job mate by renaming the council

We got Frank Lowy, the entrepanuer

Theres even a church with a ghost tour (AAAHHH)

We don't need a name change, its not that bad

We live in Blacktown dude, its not Kazakhstan

We’ve got the best fashion, we’ve got the best hair

We’ve Never heard of losers like Jean Paul Gautier

This place is sweet, the only thing that's wrong

Is at the Mean Fiddler when the lights come on

Blacktown, Blacktown

Blacktown, Blacktown

You always see a familiar face

And we’re proud of every single race

Have you ever felt the warm embrace

Of the Blacktown Mayor between your legs?

(Hey-ey-ey-ey, hey-ey-ey-ey)

(Hey-ey-ey-ey, hey-ey-ey-ey)


We’ve got Wet n Wild, boy

Blokes who’re off their dial, boy

Jump on the M4 towards


Joel Edgerton’s from here girls

But he hasn't been back for years girls

Ain't seen nothing yet until you're in



Written By Megan Aney


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