Zayn Malik admits he never really wanted to be in One Direction

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Zayn Malik admits he never really wanted to be in One Direction.

In his first on-camera interview since leaving One Direction, Zayn Malik has admitted he never wanted to be in the band. 

One Direction- all the girls wanted to date them and all teenage boys secretly wanted to be them but it turns out Zayn never wanted anything to do with it. 

The former One Direction singer has given his first on-camera interview since leaving the band with Beats 1’s Zane Lowe saying, “I always wanted to go, from the first year really. I never really wanted to be in the band. I just gave it a go because it was there at the time.”

The singer echoed this sentiment later in the interview saying, “I realized I couldn’t put any input in. I couldn’t give my opinion on this or that because it didn’t fit the grain of what we were as band and what we represented. So that’s when it became frustrating for me, that’s when I had to be like, I’ve got to start thinking about myself.”

During the chat Zayn announced the title of his new album…. **Drum role please** 

Zayn Malik’s highly anticipated first solo album will be called Mind of Mine and the first single Pillowtalk is expected to drop this afternoon. Zayn revealed that his debut solo album is almost finished and that it will have 17 or 18 songs on it. 

Zayn Malik's new single Pillowtalk

Image I Instagram, Zayn Malik

We are sure Zayn’s heartbreaking confession about 1D is going to break some hearts but unfortunately the news doesn’t end there. 

According to The Sun in the UK, Harry Styles has reportedly left One Direction’s management of five years, Modest Management to pursue his solo career. 

The Sun reported, “Harry is done with One Direction. He wants to completely disassociate with the band and that includes any professional connection. His new team will be about launching him as a solo superstar by around this time next year so the work is starting now.”  

“Harry had a great time working with Modest and Syco. Of course, Cowell and Sony are very keen to sign Harry- there’s a very close relationship between them through 1D and they know he’s going to be a big star. Universal and Warner are both likely to make big money bids too and he could end up signing one of the most lucrative records deals in recent history.” 

Now, before we all start crying to our secret posters of Harry Styles there has been plenty of these rumours before…. So we’re going to take them with a grain of salt. 

With all this bad news we think it’s time to celebrate the good times #AMIRITE

A couple of days ago One Direction released their final music video before their extended hiatus. The simple but emotional video took us all on a journey from the moment the boys were put together on The UK version of The X Factor to the devastating moment Zayn announced he was leaving the band too their final appearance together before they went on hiatus. 

One Direction's final music video History

Check out the emotional video...

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