One of your faves is walking out of Bachelor In Paradise tonight

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Bachelor In Paradise has been teasing a dramatic exit for THREE of its contestants tonight - but one in particular has us shooketh.

Picture-perfect nice guy Michael Turnbull has long been rumoured to leave the Fiji-based show in a blaze of glory - and it looks like tonight is his night.

The 31-year-old failed to find a connection on the dating show after showing interest in Ali Oetjen, Tara Pavlovic and Laurina Fleure. His crush on contestant Lisa Hyde, who was already pursuing a relationship wit Luke McLeod on the island, caused further upset.

And BIP’s promo for tonight’s episode heavily features Michael, with soundbites about him being a “sparks and fireworks kind of guy” and “not about playing it safe”.

NW magazine quoted a source earlier this month claiming Michael would make a shock exit from the show, but incorrectly predicted his earlier date with Keira Maguire was his breaking point.

“He had a major meltdown and just has enough. He felt he deserved better, so he packed his sh*t and stormed out.” 

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