The WTF way Aubrey Plaza landed role as Robert De Niro’s love interest

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Don't try this at home, kids...

You know her best as moody April Ludgate in ‘Parks and Recreation’ but she’ll soon be known for playing Robert De Niro’s super hot love interest in new comedy ‘Dirty Grandpa’. Aubrey Plaza plays the perfect party girl in the Zac Efron flick which tells the story of a perverted grandpa that tricks his grandson into driving him to Florida for spring break to see Aubrey’s character Lenore.


Now, while on the publicity trail for the flick, Aubrey has revealed the story behind how she landed the part. While on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the 31-year-old gave us the juicy deets.

So yeah, she really wanted that gig. While we're on the topic of 'Dirty Grandpa', can we all just take a moment to appreciate Zac Efron's unreal body he's been flaunting all over the place to promote the film?

I woke up like this @jimmykimmellive #dirtygrandpa

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Between Zac's bangin' bod' and Aubrey/Robert D's sex scene, this movie looks like it could be the next 'Knocked Up'.

Watch Seth Rogen chat about his man crush on Zac...

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar