Why Kris Jenner couldn’t be a witness in O.J. Simpson's trial

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Kris Jenner was best friends with Nicole Brown Simpson so why wasn't she allowed to weigh in at her murder trial? Marcia Clark answers.

Before we watched Keeping Up WIth The Kardashians, we watched the real-life drama that was O.J. Simpson's murder trial. The entire U.S. and parts of the rest of the world were glued to their screens and newspapers hungry for new information on the case. And everyone seemed to have an opinion on the trial. 

The entire saga is coming back up in mainstream media as American Crime Story: The People Vs. O.J. Simpson, a 10-part TV series, begins airing this month. And as a result, all parties involved are being asked some tough questions about what happened back then.

One such query is - why wasn't Kris Jenner a witness against O.J.? After all, she was Nicole Brown Simpson's BFF and had details to share on things Nicole had told her.


According to Marcia Clark, one of the trial's prosecutors, it was because what Kris had heard from Nicole would've all been classified as "hearsay". And if you're not familiar with what the term means, it's defined as "information received from other people which cannot be substantiated; rumour."

Marcia continued: 

"I couldn’t put it in.  I would have been happy to put her on the stand; she would have been a great witness."

So there you have it - that's why Kris was left out of the court proceedings, which saw O.J. walk away a free man. 


Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
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