Whatever happened to Justin Bobby from The Hills?

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What's the mysterious Justin Bobby up to now?

Now that Audrina Patridge has her first bub on the way, we’ve been thinking, whatever happened to her dirty BF on The Hills? You know, the motorcycle-riding, ‘man with two names’ fake-reality star. This one.


Justin Bobby Brescia. 


Because while we pretty much know what all the other main cast members are up to, we have no idea what good ol’ Justin Bobby is doing these. Turns out Us Weekly was thinking the same thing last year and tracked him down for an interview, in which we learned plenty of things.

Firstly, who knew he was a celebrity hairdresser? It was while he was on an assignment at Los Angeles' Quixote Studios that he met Audrina, who was a receptionist there at the time. Justin Bobby got to chatting with Auds and offered to cut her hair. 

“I went and did my first cut and they filmed it, but it didn’t go in the story line. It was like, ‘Why is this dude just showing up and cutting hair?’ But we had a good time.” 

After that, the MTV producers offered him a role on the show paying three times more than his salary at the time, and voila, Justin Bobby hit our screens. About Audrina, he had only kind words to say.


“She’s such a sweetheart, and I picked up on that from the very beginning. I was always a friend to her from the get-go and there for her as a friend. We went through the things together. I felt like a stronger partner on the side who was like a teammate, who was like ‘Hey you got this! You can do this. This is good.’ That was real, that was awesome.”

So what's he doing these days? Well, back in 2015 when the interview came out, Justin Bobby was still into hair cutting, but these days, if his Instagram is anything to go by, he seems all about the music.



Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar