Brooklyn Beckham is now a photographer and Twitter isn't happy

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The haters are hatin' on 16-year-old Brooklyn Beckham for scoring a job typically reserved for seasoned professionals.

Yes, he’s grown up in front of cameras. And yes, he’s heaps stylish and confident. Oh, and yep, he does have nearly six million Instagram followers.

But are these ~skillz~ enough to justify hiring 16-year-old Brooklyn Beckham as a photographer for a major social media advertising campaign? The teen was asked by Burberry to shoot their #THISISBRIT promotion to launch a new mens and womens fragrance, many on Twitter weren't thrilled with the brand's choice. Critics accused Burberry of nepotism, saying Brooklyn would've never scored the gig had he not been born in almost-British royalty.



The eldest of the Posh & Becks' brood, who is still a high school student by the way, shot the campaign live on Snapchat and Instagram. And TBH, we think the results are pretty bloody good.



For all his snaps, head over to Burberry's Instagram. And to see Becks Jr. tell you how to do Instagram, watch below.

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar

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