The very unusual reason Justin Bieber hit on Havana Brown

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Hold up, we didn't even know Justin Bieber and Havana Brown had ever even met?

It seems like there’s pretty much nothing else to do in the African Jungle between Tucker Trials than have b*tch fights (we’re looking at you, Laurina Fleure and Jo Beth Taylor) and D&Ms with other camp members (that’s you, Shane Warne). This weekend, Havana Brown went with the latter option, spilling details of her LA lyfe to Warney. And mid-chat, Havana, who's now engaged, dropped a major truthbomb, saying Justin Bieber once hit on her.


“I was fully covered, long dress all the way to the ground. I was really in the corner hiding ... all these girls were all over him, they’re naked. These girls just have no pride whatsoever. I think he was like, the girl that is dressed in black, ‘I like her, come over here’. He tried to chat me up.”


So let's get this straight, Biebs was keen on Havs because she was covered up? Seriously?

While Warney lounged on his cot, clearly loving the goss, Havana went on.

“He was just such a little boy. I don’t think he’s ever had to chat up a girl before. He tried to put his arm around me. He didn’t know what to do, I was so surprised. He was like, ‘Can I have your number?’.”

And so naturally, she gave him her digits (because, well, it's Justin Bieber and who's going to say no to Justin Bieber?).

"He messaged me and I went to the club, wherever he was, and he has just got girls all over him. I couldn't imagine. I think for a lot of guys, I think they think that would be amazing, but it would be tough because no girl cares actually about being with him and caring about him."

Well, that's a bit sad. Poor Biebs.


Watch Havana and Warney's chat below.

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
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