Um... did Ashley just confirm what we always suspected of Troy?

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Ashley MAFS

The plot thickens!

Since the day it started, there have been rumours that Troy, of MAFS and teeth-brushing fame, is an actor.

He's already confessed to wanting a career in media once the show ends, telling TV Week he has aspirations to become “a game show host, or maybe a presenter on one of the morning shows".

But the plot has officially thickened with Facebook user Pennie Looker sharing a selfie with Troy's 'wife' Ashley and learning some goss along the way.

The fan told Daily Mail Australia that Ashley told passengers on a recent Virgin Australia flight that her on-screen 'husband' was "selected from an agency" and that producers told her to stay on because he made for good TV.

"Ashley said they weren't going to get rid of a main "character" early, so she had to play the game," they told the publication.

Ashley's sister Summer has also posted to Instagram accusing Troy of being a ring in:

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"You applied to go on a show and meet the man of your dreams, little did you know you got matched with someone who didn’t even apply (when over 7000 did) and every time you actually wanted to have a genuine conversation that wasn’t for the camera you got a cold shoulder," she wrote.

Only time will tell it seems (and boy, what a time).

Image: MAFS / Channel 9


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