Two of the Bachelor contestants are dating

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So we just found out that Bachelor frontrunner Brooke Blurton tells Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins that she identifies as bisexual on Wednesday’s episode.

Now multiple sources are saying Brooke actually has a thing with another contestant.

Image: Channel Ten

OK! Magazine report that Brooke made another love connection while in the Bach mansion - with intruder Jamie-Lee Dayz.

“The [Bachelorettes] picked up on some vibes between two of the girls who became quite close off camera."

Image: Channel Ten

Booted villain Romy Poulier backed up this news to NW:

"It's something that happened more so after I left, but I heard that some of the girls formed a really close friendship. I have heard there's a vibe going on."

Could they be the next Megan and Tiffany? Well, without the unhappy ending we hope.

Megan Marx, who fell for fellow Bachelor contestant Tiffany Scanlon after both had been eliminated from Richie Strahan’s season, told TheFIX she wished she’d conducted the relationship differently:

"I just think in terms of the way that I behaved with Tiffany after we started our relationship, I regret the way that I publicised the relationship… because I think essentially it broke it down."

Written By Hayley

This was just dumb. 

“We cannot allow this type of behaviour to go unnoticed…”


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