Transgender male model taking the industry by storm!

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Male Model

He’s absolutely killing it! 

Laith Ashley is quickly rising to the top of the runway ranks in the modelling world after emerging in 2013. 

He is one of the very few transgender models to make it big in the modelling world. Laith shot his first major fashion campaign for Barneys and hit the runways during New York Fashion week just two years after his transition. 

Laith spoke to the New York Post about coming out and being transgender in the modelling industry. 

“New York fashion was fun- it’s funny as I never intended to get into modelling it just happened. But being a model now is definitely exciting. I’m always shocked when I’m walking into the gym or going to the store and people recognise me. It makes me feel good but it can be a bit of a shock.” 

Laith realised that there had been a “misalignment” with his gender and body at the age of five. Laith came out to his parents at 17 and fully transitioned into a man a year later. 

Male model

Image I Instagram, Laith_ashley

 Speaking about coming out he said, 

“My dad was fine. I told him that if he is proud of me it takes the power of people who criticise. My mum is Pentecostal Christian and although she loves me she felt it conflicted with her faith. I told my mum a year in advance that I was going to transition medically. There was a lot of feat at first. It took me six years from the moment I came out as trans to actually begin my medical treatment”  

Male model

Image I Instagram, laith_ashley

Laith is still pretty new to the modelling world and is just getting started but hias family and friends are extremely proud. 

“My family and friends are very excited about my modelling. My mum brags about it to her friends at church.

I am still pretty early on in my transition. I find myself not being able to connect with people the way I did before. It might be a partial fear; it might partially be me just becoming comfortable with myself. 

People should be true to themselves- they don’t have to fit a box. I know many people look up to me, because I may fit the image they wish to achieve, which I find incredibly humbling, but I want them to also know that their life journey is their own.”

Well done Laith, you’re one mighty fine model and absolutely killing it!

Written By Gemma Prendergast