Tracey Jewel has been spotted holidaying it up with a MAFS groom that ISN'T Dean

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Tracey Jewel from MAFS has been in the news a lot lately.

And only like seven or eight of those are BS pregnancy rumours.

But we digress.

Daily Mail Australia has spotted Trace - paired with Dean on the show - enjoying an Indonesian holiday with non other than fellow contestant Sean Thomsen.

Need a recap? Sean was partnered with Blair on the show and was one of the first couples to leave citing a lack of chemistry with his partner.

The photos appear to confirm that a 35-year-old Tracey has split with TV husband Dean. Adding to the theory, Dail Mail Australia report that the pair were staying at the five-star Karma Kandara (nooiiice).

Tracey and Sean were also previously spotted running errands together 'round Bondi and Dean was snapped showing a woman out of his apartment in the wee hours of the morning.

It's safe to say at this point that they're pretty much splitsville.

Unless of course, Tracey being snapped on holiday with Sean is a red herring...

And Dean showing that gal the stanky boot was a set up...

And Married At First Sight is really a simulation, and we're a simualtion, and everything's a damn simulation and we're trapped in an Elon Musk TED Talk.

... As you were.

Image: Instagram / Tracey Jewel


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