Tessa James and NRL player Nate Myles announce they’re pregnant

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Home and Away star Tessa James and NRL player Nate Myles have announced they’re expecting their first baby

This is no ordinary pregnancy announcement.

For Aussie celebrities Nate Myles and Tessa James, this is pretty bloody amazing news.

26-year-old former Home And Away star told the Daily Telegraph the couple was “overjoyed” about the news they were expecting their first baby.

She is five months pregnant, and stepped out in a stunning red dress revealing a well hidden baby bump.

James has had a rough three years - when she was 23 she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma - what followed was a hideous ordeal battling the illness with vigorous chemotherapy.

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James opened up in 2016, revealing how tough the battle with cancer was.

“I hit a point where I didn't know what I was doing, why I was here, what was happening, where my life was going.

“I thought I knew. I was 23, and all this bad stuff was happening. I tried to spiritually find why. I got through it because I had to get through it.

“What was the other option? To sit and feel sorry for myself? I think I had to hit that low point, to be in so much pain and so upset and so traumatised, to then have that sense of empowerment again: I can get through this.”

James met Myles through mutual friends back in 2009.

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