Telstra gave everyone free data and one man went to town

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A Sydney man has used an impressive 425GB of data on Testra's Free Data Day.

Remember last week when Telstra made a major stuff-up and we couldn’t use Instagram for hours? How could you forget? #neverforget And then remember that free data on Sunday Telstra gave everyone to say they were v. v. sorry for the stuff-up?

Well, it’s now come out that one man went on a wild data spree on Valentine’s Free Data Day using a whopping 425GB of data. When there’s a will there’s a way... And free data, why not take advantage of it? Come on, we secretly wish we had thought of this.

The Sydney man downloaded 25 seasons of the Discovery Channel’s How It’s Made in high definition as well as all SIX seasons of Game of Thrones.

Smart, hey?

The IT worker told Fairfax Media that he caught up on "three months worth of downloads", utilising every single minute in the 24-hours it was free. The man made sure he prepared himself in advance, creating a spreadsheet to make sure he got everything he could get on the free day. 

We bet we know what he will be doing for the next few weeks. 

Telstra Group Managing Director Mike Write said they noticed an increase of people using the Internet:

“Over the course of the day we had twice as much traffic as we would normally see on a Sunday or any day.”

Bet they're kicking themsevles over that "human error" now. 

Written By Anna Pentelow
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