Taylor Swift’s alleged Myspace page was somewhat crazy back in the day!

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Taylor Swift

Before Taylor Swift was ‘The’ Taylor Swift she was just like your average teenager; having embarrassing Myspace photos and leaving cringe-worthy comments.

When we say this is going to be the best thing you see day, we really mean it. Let us introduce you to Taylor Swift’s alleged old Myspace. 

Before she was the proper, princess like figure that we know today

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift was just a normal-ish teen on Myspace. And here is her first pic on the site… 

Taylor Swift

BUT what’s even better than the photos are the comments that she used to leave on the site.  And the good people at Buzzfeed have trolled through the site to find them. Rumour has it that the comments were screen grabbed a few years ago before Myspace tragically died (R.I.P to the site where ranking your friends was normal behaviour). So we guess there is no way to ensure the comments are 100% here so take it as you will. 

BUT OH GOD Taylor, thank you, just thank you for this pure gold…

Taylor Swift

Our personal favourite and one we can all relate too...

Taylor Swift

Let this be a reminder to us all: Remember to consider everyone’s face when posting group photos. 

And lets not even get started on the prom pictures!! In this one she seems like she is plotting with her friend to get a particular girl to see a certain pic. (Perhaps the girl was the inspiration to her pining love song You Belong With Me)

Taylor Swift

And do you remember the huge debate about who was going to be in your top 8 friends? Well, it turns out TayTay and her friends had that hardship too! 

Taylor Swift

Throughout this discovery we have discovered that Taylor Swift is just like us... And you know what? T-Swift we don’t like sewing machines either.

Written By Gemma Prendergast

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