T Swift fans are low-key losing their cool over this new doppelgänger

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Taylor Swift

We're seriously spooked

Taylor Swift fans have uncovered a new doppelgänger and they're losing their gd minds. To be honest, so are we.

April Gloria, a cosplayer living in Kansas, has struck internet fame after being found to look exactly like Taylor Swift.

It's insane.

The 27-year-old was apparently first told she looked like Taylor Swift in 2014, and has since gone out to get her hair did exactly like the star.

"I was loving Taylor's 1989-era style, and with the comparisons, I figured her hairstyle would flatter my face pretty well," Gloria told the Daily Mail.

She's also nailed the cat-inspired makeup ~lewks~ of her A-list doppelgänger.

Now, Gloria has racked up a cool 70,000 followers on Instagram for her twinning aesthetic. While it's no 97.6 million - the number of followers had by Taylor Swift 1.0 - it's still nothing to sniff at.

And hey, if Taylor Swift ever needs a paparazzi foil, she knows who to turn to.

Check it out:

Written By Kirsty Sier

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