One Spice Girls member has confirmed she's NOT keen on a reunion

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WHY won't she say she'll be there?

At the end of last year there were reports our *favourite girl band ever* the Spice Girls were reuniting for a tour in 2016 which would coincide with their 20th anniversary (god, now we feel old!). Emma Bunton aka Baby Spice spoke with The Daily Star teasing at the return.

"I was with Geri Halliwell and Mel B just recently, we love each other and we love performing together. It's just when the timing is right because we all have our own careers now and we have families, it's just about getting five schedules together and that's all it is."

But it seems one member of the former group is not all that keen on the idea. And unsurprisingly, that celeb is Victoria Beckham. 


“Victoria has been very respectful about the fabulous time they had together in the past, however her focus is now very much her family and fashion business," her rep told TMZ.

And I mean, can you blame the girl? She's got a designer fashion line, four kids, and *this* to look after at home.


None of the Spice-ys have commented on Vic's statement, but since Mel B previously said she wouldn't perform unless ALL the girls are involved, the reunion tour is looking more and more like a unattainable fantasy. 

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Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar