Snezana Markoski confirmed what we knew all along

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Well, Snezana Markoski's admission should come as no surprise.

We knew it. We called it. Although we wanted to think Snezana Markoski's figure was 100% hers and that she was just an insanely hot girl next door, we felt it in our bones. And today in Sunday Style magazine, she said it was true - our favourite Macedonian had a boob job.


"Yes, I have [had breast augmention]. That was a few years ago; I've never hidden it. I'm not ashamed of it."

The reality star-turned-Insta' famous star also addressed that photo of her and 10-year-old daughter Eve nearly naked together in a bathtub.

"I love the picture, and Eve was the one who wanted to join in on it. We're both artistic, and to me, that was just a fun shot."


After posting the photo, Snezana copped backlash for what some Insta' haters called "sexualising" her daughter, and "inviting predators". And since then, Eve has appeared in numerous other product placement photos with her mother.

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Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar