Sleeping for this many hours is as bad as not sleeping at all

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So we all know that not sleeping is really bad for our bodies. Well it turns out that sleeping for just six hours is just as bad as not sleeping at all! 

We all love sleep, like we really love sleep so we will all try to get it as much as we can. Well new research has found that sleeping for only six hours can be just as bad for your health as getting no sleep at all! 

Subjects in the research were permitted to sleep for only six hours a night for two weeks and functioned just as poorly as those who got zero sleep for two whole days. (Yes, it’s hard to believe but if science says it’s correct it must be the truth).


The study, which was published in the journal, Sleep, also found that you can only get away with sleep deprivation for so long. WELL DUH! 

By the time the group got to day ten, they were really feeling the effects and their cognitive abilities went downhill dramatically. This is a huge problem because so many of us assume that six hours of sleep a night is plenty and in actual fact we’re running on empty. 


The perfect amount of time to sleep is actually between 8- 9.5 hours sleep for you to feel happy the next day. So guys, it’s time to turn Netflix off a little earlier. 

What else does science and research have for us today?!?  Well, according to leading Harvard Psychologist Amy Cuddy, we’ve been doing morning all wrong. 

According to Professor Cuddy from Harvard apparently before we do anything in the morning we need to lie on our backs and take a stretch that spreads your body as wide as possible. 

“The people who wake up like is – as in, stretch and make a V with their arms- are supper happy, like annoyingly happy.” 

BRB just practicing our magical ‘happy stretch’!


Written By Gemma Prendergast

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