Shane Warne rips into cricket legend Steve Waugh

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Shane Warne rips into cricket legend Steve Waugh

Cricket legend Shane Warne tears in to former Australian Cricket captain Steve Waugh. 

It’s the war which has been seventeen years in the making- Shane Warne has officially ripped into former cricket captain Steve Waugh. 

The Cricket legend has always been extremely vocal about his opinions on people and situations. In Shane’s latest tirade in I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here he launches a verbal attack on former Australian captain Steve Waugh labelling him “the most selfish cricketer I’ve played with.” 

In a candid conversation around the campfire Shane says, 

“There’s a lot of reasons I don’t like Steve Waugh…because he’s the most selfish cricketer I’ve played with. One thing that really annoyed me about him was the one Test I got dropped, in the West Indies, we had to win the last Test match to win the trophy. At that stage, captain [Waugh], vice-captain [me], coach [Geoff Marsh] used to pick the team. We went to selection. I hadn’t bowled well and we had lost- Brian Lara batted unreal-but I felt like I was being the scapegoat, that because I didn’t bowl well it was my fault.”

“We got to the selection table and said ‘What’s everyone’s thoughts? Steve Waugh said to me, ‘you’re not playing.’ I was really disappointed with that after 10 years. I’d just had a shoulder operation. I thought the situation, of having to win a Test match, would’ve brought the best out in me too.”

“I don’t like Steve Waugh for a lot of other reasons, but that was the reason I thought.” 

Please Shane, tell us what you really think. 

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Unfortunately for Shane, his comments about the cricket legend were not well received by the public and was heavily criticised on Twitter.   

Shane Warne

Shane Warne

A classy Steve Waugh replied to Shane’s comments with a simple statement, “I’m not justifying his comments with an answer.” 

In Steve Waugh’s book The Meaning of Luck: Stories of Learning Leadership and Love he broached this topic saying, 

“I lost a great friend but gained fortitude from the experience and learnt categorically that knowing what is right and acting on it are two different things.”

“One day, I hope Shane comes to terms with the fact it wasn’t about me not trusting his immense skill and innate love for the big occasion, but rather a common-sense decision based on facts and the key ingredients every leader must try and rely on ‘gut instinct’”. 

There’s no denying Shane’s legendary status in the cricketing world as the ‘King of Spin’ but do you think his comments are appropriate?!? 

Written By Gemma Prendergast
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The pair dated for a couple of years after getting together in 2008.


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