Shane Warne drops a truth bomb about Liz Hurley and Hugh Grant

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He's barely been on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! a week and Shane Warne is already airing all his dirty laundry.

When previously speaking about his split with ex-fiancée Elizabeth Hurley, Shane Warne has spoken well of the actress, simply citing their busy schedules as the leading factor in the split.

But put Warney in the deep South African jungle and his story changes a little. On Thursday night’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! episode, the former cricketer said he was suspicious of Liz’s ~close~ relationship with her ex Hugh Grant.

“It’s hard on your new relationship when you’re really good friends with your exes. Like Elizabeth was really good friends with Hugh Grant — best friend. So when I used to go back to Australia and she wasn’t leaving London, he’d come and spend the weekend at the house. I was like, ‘what’s that?’ ‘No, we’re just friends.’ I was like, ‘Tell him to come down when I’m there’.”

Shane also went to explain that Liz told him that Hugh would uncomfortable visiting when he was around, to which he asked her, "Alright, well, what about me?".

It's well known that Liz and Hugh are BFFs, but the fact that Shane was slightly jealous of the whole thing is news. Maybe he didn't see the time Hugh said this about Liz?


Warney, who’s a father-of-three, also spoke about his future because he’s known these I’m A Celeb castmates five minutes so why wouldn’t he tell them all his hopes and dreams?

“I’d have to fall absolutely head over heels in love with someone to have kids again. The only way I could do it is if I absolutely fell for someone and they were desperate for them — then I’d consider it.”

Shane added he didn't really want to live with his potential partner's kids. Got it - so no more little Warneys/adopted little Warneys any time soon.

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar